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Absa Prosperity Cheque Account

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If you are 55 and need a flexible account that offers exlusive rebates then the Absa proserity account is designed for you. In order to get an Absa prosperity account you need to be 55 and older, have a bar-coded South African ID, have proof of residence, your latest salary slip and be a South African citizen. You can access your money anytime in a variety of ways, convenient 24-hour self service access through Absa online, cellphone banking and telephone banking, a free notify me service that alerts you whenever there is an activty on your account, access to a range of finance products, professional assistance with drafting your will at no additional costs if you are over the age 60.


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Many people complain about their bank charges but believe it or not, sometimes the fees are self inflicted. A typical scenario is, somewhere around the age of 12 Mom drags us off to the bank to get a kiddie account and we don’t do much of an upgrade until we realise that we need a credit card to hire a car. This may be a bit of an exaggeration but it’s not far off. In order to get the best from your banking you need to take the time to sit down with a banking consultant to design a suite of services and products that really suits your needs. This will save you money time and frustration.

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