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Clientèle Funeral Dignity Plan

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Clientèle Dignity Plan we will pay back all your premiums on top of your cover amount.The money will be paid upon a valid death claim.You can add up to 13 people on one plan, R200 FREE airtime on valid claims to help with the necessary funeral arrangements, grocery benefit, unveiling benefit and transport benefit available.


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Credit Amnesty

You may no longer be on the black list. The credit amnesty that comes into play on April 1st has caused much jubilation amongst cash strapped South Africans-but their Happy Dance may be short lived. The amnesty, contrary to common belief does not allow you to walk away from the finance you got for the supersonic vacuum you bought from a way too clever salesman. However it does give you a second chance if you have negative information on your credit report due to bad debt-but only if you have paid it off.

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