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Debtsafe One Way Debt Solution

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DebtSafe's One Way combines all your debt repayments into one installment, just like a consolidation loan but with extra benefits. It is the most innovative debt relief product on the market. They have combined a bunch of unique benefits to get you out of debt, while keeping life normal for you and your famiy.


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Are you addicted to shopping?

I have purposefully avoided the word shopaholic here because it has almost a fun like quality to it; like chocaholic or coffeeholic Many people airily state they are shopaholics but sometimes this condition is not just about having a penchant for sales and bargains. It is a clinically recognised illness that can get us into all sorts of trouble.

Six Bloopers We Make With Our Money.

You may think that it’s your addiction to all things designer is the evil that kills your budget each month but while it’s wise to reel in spending on bling, we practice other bad habits that are even more dangerous than overdosing on hazelnut cappuccinos.

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