If you’re in the fortunate position of having more work than you can handle, perhaps it’s time to start considering scaling your service-based business to allow for more capacity… and more moola! Not sure of how to go about it? We’ve put together five scaling secrets to get you started:

1. Create a Scale-Up Plan

Consider what makes your business successful now, and what will be needed to keep it that way. Will you need more staff? More marketing? Greater investments? Setting clear, achievable goals is half the battle, and will not only allow you to keep your eye on the prize, but also make necessary tweaks with more clarity along the way.

2. Consider Outsourcing

As a small business owner, you may not have the capacity or funds to hire full time staff. That doesn’t mean you can’t scale! With remote working now booming, its more than easy to find competent freelancers to outsource overflow work to, at a more attractive fee than a fixed employee. Just remember to ask for references and examples of their work, after all, you’ve got a standard to uphold.

3. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Now that you’ve got the vision and the right team in place, it’s time to let the world know you mean business! Set aside a healthy marketing budget and develop (or outsource!) a content marketing strategy with a clear message aimed at your specific target market. Digital is your friend here, so utilise online tools such as Google ads and Facebook ads, and be sure to set up some decent social media management.

4. Give the Best Customer Service

It’s time to blow your new clients’ socks off with some superior customer service. Monitor your social media pages daily for queries and concerns, practice transparency with your clients, and go the extra mile with loyalty cards & exclusive offerings. Your customers are the reason business is booming, treat them as such!

5. Get Legal Protection

Last, but certainly not least, be sure to stay on top of any legalities surrounding your expanding business. Will you need to start paying VAT? What are the costs and legalities associated with international clients you may have? How will POPIA affect your small business? We strongly suggest using your new-found outsourcing resources to get a professional involved… rather pay for total compliance and expertise now than be hit later with an a fine (or worse) which could have been completely avoided.

While scaling your business may cost you both in time and money, once set up, the sky is truly the limit! Take your time to create the best business model possible, don’t be scared to make changes along the way, and test new avenues and opportunities. A strong foundation will mean you’ve developed the best formula for further scaling, and more time to concentrate on the things you enjoy most.


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